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Summer Staff (for individuals college age or older)

Summer Staff Volunteers
Would you like to do something that really matters this summer? Consider joining summer staff. It's not often in life that we get to evaluate our purpose, map out our future and reflect on our past. As a volunteer on summer staff at a Young Life camp, you'll have the chance to grow personally and spiritually — you'll be surrounded by other people from all over the world who, like yourself, really want their life to count for something.
You'll have a chance to try new things and to spend a month at one of the most beautiful places on God's earth. You'll also be challenged to take your faith to a new level and learn how to serve like Jesus did thousands of years ago. You'll also find yourself refreshed by hundreds of kids you've impacted during the summer — kids you've helped have the best week of their lives at a Young Life camp. Yes, it will be hard work, but there's a big payoff — changed lives — yours and the kids you influence.
Summer staff is the volunteer experience for those who have completed at least one year of college (or are of college or post-college age). The summer staff serve the campers at Young Life camps in roles which require considerable maturity and non-verbal witness. Want to know more?
Check out the videos offered on the Young Life website ( to hear from those who've experienced summer staff. Feel free to forward this link to any friends whom you would like to have join you in the experience.
How to Apply
Call the Kansas City Young Life for information and assistance in selecting a property to serve at this coming summer.  You can check the availability of openings online also. You will need to complete the Summer Staff Application form to work as summer staff at a camp property, complete a Medical Physical form, and secure a Staff Recommendation from the Young Life staff person in our area.    All Summer Staff are volunteer unpaid positions.
What Types of Positions Are Offered?
There are positions in nearly every area of the summer camping program . . . cooks, bakers, horse and bike wranglers, waterfront, laundry, office, maintenance/property, ropes and climbing wall wranglers, etc. There are many openings for qualified life guards each summer and often there is a shortage, so if this position appeals to you, make sure your WSI is current by January 2008. 
Please apply as soon after Jan. 1 as possible - spots are filled first come- first serve and all qualified applicants will be accepted into positions based on the order applications are received.  Applications are generally accepted until all the positions have been filled.
A Summer You Will Never Forget
This may be the most important summer of your life.  A time when you get a chance to unplug and spend a month in the beautiful setting of a Young Life property and hear God's voice, feel His touch, and allow Him to reveal Himself more fully to you. 
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